About Us

Books are mankind’s best friend. Since the dawn of civilization, texts, pictograms and later papyrus leaves and so on, people have brewed the potion of knowledge and imbued them on these non-living things and made them living so these things inspire and pass the magic recipe to future generations. Now we address the things as books. But we bring to you the magical recipes in a more indestructible, compact, portable and sharable form. We are here to BREW WISDOM DIGITALLY….

BOOKPOTION is a Magical search engine which allows you to search, preview and download millions of PDF files into your devices. Our Seekers are constantly scanning the world wide web to add PDF files to our database. In the case that PDF files are withdrawn from the web, but they are not withdrawn from  Bookpotion search results. In this way, our Potion library stays up-to-date, and recover and reincarnate knowledge while continuously growing and offering you an enormous database to search. In addition to the traditional search engines,

it is also a virtual space for rare book collectors and history buffs to read, rediscover and download lost books.

Importantly, it aims to highlight the understanding that there is always more than one truth in history! Sourcing from digital libraries such as The Internet Archive, Google Books and the online collections of various museums around the world, BOOKPOTION has curated these rare books presented them in a context that gives them relevance and shows each piece as a part of a grander whole.

Who you are.

What matters to you.

What you do.

How you do it.

Not matters here, if you are an enormous knowledge seeker then welcomed😊 

Here you can find —

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                  “Tradition to Technology”

                  “Witchcraft to Science” 

Everything in form of books